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Incomepa$$ Programs

Creative ideas should be materialized into programs that are nothing short of State-Of-TheArt! The programs available to creative for products, services, new markets, business scalability of their business venture and pitch-ready before a group of venture backers.

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Brandcompa$$ Programs

Members receive actionable steps, tools and tips to help create a strong brand to fuel their growth and awareness to their ideal target audience. These programs are focused on Brand Strategy & Design, Social Media Marketing & Management and IP Creation.

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Launchcompa$$ Program

Our membership plans offer education feasible MVPs. These programs are focused on the process of ideation to discover ideas startup founders are more focused on the opportunities and cultivate a creative culture to optimize performance.

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Crowd Equity

Members can invest in startups that they believe in. Incomepa$$ allows members of qualified startups to raise capital from the crowd and everyday people to invest for a set minimum dollar amount.

Credit Builder

As one of our exclusive member benefits, we offer a CREDIT BUILDER program to help members build their personal credit up to an 800 Fico score to get you in the right position to back your company as a guarantor for funding.

Paydex Reporting

Members are provided with the tools and assistance to help them obtain an 80+ Paydex score! At some point, your company should be sustainable to qualify for business credit and funding resources regardless of what it’s needed for.

Social Media Acceleration

Growing a large, engaged community for your brand can be challenging and daunting. With our very own ‘growth hacking’ tool, provides members with a two-way engagement to grow awareness and create an interactive following.

Incomepa$$ Concierge

We believe in our members receiving nothing short of quality service. Incomepa$$ concierge is here to provide member support to questions and or service requests to assist with the multiple stages and process of business development needs.

Network Marketplace

Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace is a pool of additional special services provided by our partners at a discounted rate made available only for our members.

Members Are Our Most Valued Priority

Our members are our true value. We take-on their challenges, workshop their problems, and develop a deep understanding of their venture needs to help bridge innovation and create Impact.

Check Out Our Workshops and Courses Below

From Bricks To Clicks

From bricks-and-mortar to bricks-and-clicks, this workshop is focused on business models that are brick and mortar with needed digital integration using 12 key elements to keep from being disrupted.

Create 21+ Streamlines

With the right automated business model implemented, this workshop gets into how you can definitely create at least a minimum of 21 Plus Streamlines of Income! Hint – you need to have a digital business model.

From Startup To Scaleup

Creative Innovation has stages from the Start of their business model around the creation of the intellectual property. Learn the proper process of going from startup to leveling up to the next level in this workshop – the Scale level.

Positioning Your Brand

Many times, business models of startups fail to gain the right traction and awareness needed to create an impact to their ideal market. This workshop covers the right methods necessary of how to position your brand to leverage the right marketplace.

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  • Premier Partner

Business professionals who own a rolodex is the ideal partner for this level. We not only offer an attractive referral incentive for your leads, but we also welcome you to offer your services to our matched SAAS and cohort members.

As a premium partner, this level partner is for organizations who own a network such As members, students and/or trainees, or a group of individuals you serve to impact a community for their growth.

This level partner is for those who may have a book of connections that they can refer back to our platform with an option of signing up as a member or simply hiring us to deliver a high quality service we provide.

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Bronze Package

$ 49 p/month

  • Weekly Newsletter and Announcements
  • Weekly Infotainment Topics and Tips
  • Online Community Engagement
  • Access To Other Creative Members
  • Member Support
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Gold Package

$ 149 p/month

  • Weekly Automated Rules, Steps, Tips, Resources
  • Member Discounts
  • Member Incentives
  • 2 Group Monthly Online Sessions
  • Member Support
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Platinum Package

$ 299 p/month

  • Weekly Automated Rules, Steps, Tips, Resources
  • Funding Hacks & Access to Business Suite
  • Member Discounts & Incentives
  • 2 Group Monthly Online Sessions
  • Concierge Assistant
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Black Package

$ 499 p/week

  • Applicants are by “Application + Approval Only”
  • Must Complete 12 Week Program
  • Member Discounts & Incentives
  • 2 Group Monthly Online Sessions
  • Concierge Mentorship
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