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Gain Access

When Joining our Incomepass private group, Equity Partners gain access to our ‘Turnkey Vault’ of pre-vetted innovative business models that have passed our strict screening process. Feel free to opt-out of investments and have the flexibility to stop, restart, add more or withdraw funds at any time.

Back Venture

Incomepass connects Non-Accredited Equity Partners “Micro-Investors” with revenuegenerating small business offerings, including those in high-cost sectors, that have very low investment minimums — in some cases, under $250 although many offerings require at least $500 or $1,000.

Diversify Portfolio

Generate passive income while working towards portfolio diversification. Access alternative investments opportunities vetted by Incomepass experts, across numerous sector asset classes, such as Tech, Media, Sports & Entertainment, Cannabis, Crypto, Commercial, Real Estate and more.

Our Process

  • Create
  • Position
  • Leverage
  • Scale
  • Repeat

Creatives need to think about how their intellectual property can generate revenue. They also have the responsibility of creating an effective business model before they start any creative process, as this will help them in later stages when it comes time for launching or marketing your product/service.

Brand positioning is the process of deciding how you want your customers to think of you. When done correctly and effectively, is the beginning to creating an equitable position that can quickly turn into an investment opportunity.

The key to leveraging any piece of real estate also known as your intellectual property is called “equity”. Once this value is perceived through your branded business model, it’s time to leverage this value before a potential audience of investors.

Having the right backers (or investors) to help your business scale with early adoption investments can certainly help to get your startup to another position where commas make a huge difference in your business valuation.

Understanding the process of how to position and leverage a brand from innovation to an investment opportunity leaves the only thing left to do – REPEAT and do it all over again! This is the beginning to building a portfolio that can lead to generational wealth.