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Driving Brands
From Innovations To

We are a team of brand and innovation strategists, with the intellect and capability to drive investment for brand building through the most innovative brand solutions and support brand owners in making the right decisions with an understanding of brand value.

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Creating Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurs

When partnering with Incomepa$$®, you will receive full access to our diverse network of investors, mentors, influencers and industry experts. Our network is your network.

The Incomepa$$® platform is a place for creative professionals. It provides the resources, tools, resources, and support they need to take their projects from ideas to fully grown realities. Whether you are still in Pre-Seed or Early Stage, late stage of your venture is looking for advice, or want access to our network, Incomepa$$® offer tiered memberships starting at $149 a month that can help get you there!

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IP Creation

SMART ideas should be materialized into feasible MVPs. These programs are focused on the process of ideation to discover ideas for products, services, new markets, business opportunities and cultivate a creative culture to optimize performance.

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Brand Positioning

Members receive actionable steps, tools and tips to help create a strong brand to fuel their growth and awareness to their ideal target audience. These programs are focused on Brand Strategy & Design, Social Media Marketing & Management and IP Creation.

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Business Acceleration

Our membership plans offer education programs that are nothing short of State-Of-The Art! The programs available to creative startup founders are more focused on the scalability of their business venture and pitch-ready before a group of venture backers.

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SAAS Memberships

Entrepreneurs are positioning the startup and brand to gain equity and growth through its influence to the market place.

Member Benefits & Incentives

$eed Bonuses, Equity Micro-Investor Backing, Credit Building Reporting, Rental Reporting are just a few incentives that we offer to our members.

Interactive & Digital Tools

The more creative and engaging your content, the better. Use our interactive multimedia digital tools to make it stand out and gain more brand awareness!

Discounted Specialty Services

Members receive nothing the Upper Echelon of Creative & Professional Services by our team of experts with a collective amount of over 27 years of experience.

Concierge Support

We provide member support to questions and or service requests to assist with the multiple stages and process of business development needs.

Engaged Community’

Get inspired! Engage with our community of creatives, innovators and more.
Collaborate on projects together - from ideation through fast growth.

Forming Equity Partnerships

From Startup to Scaleup, we partner with brand owners who seek to create strategic brand plans, move brand equity forward and create a closer bond between brands and consumers.

Starting for just $149 a month, Incomepa$$® is looking for equity partnerships to position brands for investment opportunities under our Startup ‘Gold’ Package! We help our member partners in defining their brand vision, creating brand value, building an infrastructure based on key brand pillars, connecting within a creative culture, gaining access to our network.

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Creative Team Support

We provide member support to questions and or service requests to assist with the multiple stages and process of business development needs.

Producing Content

With our expertise in content creation, we are excited to help you produce engaging and immersive stories that will stand out from the crowd.

Branding Development & Awareness

We help you build awareness for your startup by developing custom brand identities that reflect the nature or mission statement behind it.

Startup Development

At the top of our list is helping creators. We do this by providing development services for startups and small businesses who need an edge!

Funding Hacks

Looking for a new way to grow your startup? We offer bootstrapping techniques that can help you get started and scale.

Investor Backing

We help innovative founders to startups get positioned for venture backing and scale their businesses at the ``seed stage.``

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Membership Comes With Digital Tools

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Publish Content

Enhance Your Startup Business Online Presence & Engage Your Customers with Screenixx™ – the digital tool that you can use to reach your target audience with information about your brand, product, or service!

Brand Positioning

Position your brand by telling a story. Set yourself apart from competition and create a brand that speaks to your customers and team while still maintaining a unique position within your market.

Increase Awareness

Share great compelling content by using visual aesthetics and engage with your niche market to increase digital awareness, develop a unique voice and brand personality.

Social Media Builder

Create your own social network using our feature that allows you to drag, drop and share content right off your page. Build loyalty, boost engagement and make money from your content.

Build Community

Elevate your community, live events, and member conversations. Acquire new customers, build loyalty, gather feedback, and keep audience engaged around your brand.

Drive Conversion

Create immersive experiences with your brand’s unique value proposition to help you optimize social traffic, capture leads, and maximize conversions through engaging content.

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